How to Use this Site consists of three main sections, which are always accessible from both the top menu and the sidebar:

  • L’histoire: A story following Didier Larmousse, a French cycling enthusiast, on his journey throughout France
  • Grammaire: A short review of the main stumbling blocks you will encounter when studying French, loosely linked to the chapters in Didier’s story
  • Jeux et exercices: A collection of online exercises matched to the grammar topics, helping you to check your knowledge of French grammar

Map of Didier's route around FranceThe Accueil page contains a navigation map showing Didier’s route around France. You can use this map to access any of the story chapters, grammar topics or exercises. You are in control, enjoy the ride!

You can choose to read the whole story first, or move between story, grammar and exercises, in any order you choose. In the story chapters, useful vocabulary and phrases are highlighted in red – just roll over them to see a translation.

Finally, if you want to find out about the team, ask a question, or get in touch, check out the À propos page. We’d love to hear from you!